About Us

Adam Nash of Adcona Relaxation Massage massaging a client.

Adcona Relaxation Massage has been providing professional massage services since 2013. With a focus on quality and care at affordable rates, Adcona has helped numerous people with their physical injuries and relaxation.

Adcona, now based in Cairns, was created in 2013 by Adam C. Nash within Mt Eliza, Victoria to meet the increasing demand of high quality, safe and professional massage services throughout the Melbourne area. Adam studied with Discover Massage Australia and is a member of the Massage Association of Australia. Adam focuses on providing professional relaxative and therapeutic massage services using the Swedish Relaxation Method.


Adcona Relaxation Massage uses the Swedish Relaxation Method as taught by Discover Massage Australia (DMA). Adam, the proprietor of Adcona, specialises in full body relaxation massage.

Adcona Uses DMA Approved Equipment

  • High quality massage tables (adjustable with face hole)
  • Strong half bolster (to assist in better back posture)
  • MYO5 Massage Oil (hypo-allergenic and thin)
  • Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Rub (Australian made and owned)
  • KOO Elite Cotton Towels (high thread count, very soft and always clean)